LOTS of pics of both window and door repurposing











Sorry about that, some posted twice!!
If they aren’t big enough, just click on the picture and it will make it bigger.
ENJOY these and come up with some of your own ideas!

I also have some NEW listings in my Etsy shop.Please stop by there for a looksee!!I have posted a vintage Wasabi set,and a NEW beach picture assemblage in/on a frame!
Have fun!
Thanks for all of your comments!I LOVE to hear from you, what you would like to see more of, etc.
Have a SAFE and HAPPY 4th everyone!!!


Another Beachy Decor Design

Well STILL trying to figure out how to do the pictures again!!
I DID manage to get another NEW listing in my Etsy shop yesterday tho!
This is a pretty Sea shell and pearl picture frame I have been finished with for a while now, just couldn’t get the pictures to look as well as I wanted them to, so I worked yesterday trying to get some better “scenery” for it, and I think it turned out pretty well, don’t you? This is not the MAIN listing picture, just one I added to show it with different backgrounds and colors, just go to my shop to see the main listing picture and a couple of others.<a href=”http://www.etsy.com/shop/creekwatercottage”>

Seashell and Pearl Frame

Also I have alot of new supplies that I am about to list as well, and some more vintage listings, so stay tuned and subsbribe to my feed on Etsy (there is a button on my shop that you click on for that)and you will know everytime something new is added on there. Don’t worry, you won’t get bombarded with spam,because it takes me SO long just to get a listing up lately!! LOL. But, I have alot of new ideas for things I want to make that I think you will love as well. I am surprised at the amount of people looking for beachy decor on a regular basis, tho. And, being raised by the shore for more years than I want to admit (hehe)I, too, have that special love for the sea and all it’s beauty.What’s not to love of another one of God’s creation?

Something else I’d like to touch on as well:

I don’t think alot of people realize just how much WORK is involved in just having an Etsy shop, or a website for that matter, and even have the TIME to do it ALL in one day! WHEW! It IS very time consuming, that’s why it’s so important for things like blogs to be SIMPLE instead of
sitting around trying to figure out the NEW way to post pictures since some setting was changed somewhere. Then, the Etsy shop…you have to make your product look as GOOD as possible, ya know????Do you realize just how many pictures I have to take just to find that ONE good picture that you’re happy with??? Especially if you are not a “professional” photographer! LOL
Then the actual MAKING of the product, and the listing process, the picture taking, the wording, the price,the tag words, trying to post on your blog regularly, and trying to run a little shop here too, plus, all my family responsibilities…and so on, and so on!!!
Sometimes I think people just think its really simple to do all this, but it’s NOT!!There is alot of real hard work involved….it doesn’t just do all this stuff by itself you know??LOL
Some people think it just “magically appears” there for all to see, but once you do it, you see just how much time and effort is involved just to get your product “out there”, and then there’s the constant searching for ways to get your shop info “out there” with the search engines, etc.
I mean, who’s got time, after all that, to tweet or FB??
I think managing your time is the key.BUT, I do so ENJOY crafting, and I am as miserable a person as you’ll ever see when I’m NOT creating something…it’s just something that’s in me…I feel like it’s a God given talent that I have been given freely that I MUST share with others.But of course, you would like to make some sort of living by doing the actual “work” part.
Ok,I’ve spent enough time venting on my blog today,so better get ready to do more things today to get more listings up!
Oh yeah! I finally sold the pretty shbby chic vintage rose picture that I had on Etsy.Whoopie! I had so many “likes” on that thing,and it was put in several “treasuries”, so, I’m glad somebody finally bought it and can enjoy it in their home.

Well…..Time’s a wastin’……!!!!!

Ideas for old metal picture frames

I came across this in blogland, and it was SO pretty, I HAD to share it with you.

Remember the old, gold ( or silver), METAL  picture frames? Well, they are still sold today, BUT there are ALOT of older ones out there, and you can get them for next to nothing at thrifts, garage sales,etc. Try to find ones with pretty designs in relief,so that when you do this treatment,the  design will stand out wonderfully! Just make sure they are cleaned WELL ,and then, either use and undercoat, or, use a paint made for metal to keep it from rusting (SPRAY PAINT IS FINE).If you find one  with  a tiny amount of rust, don’t worry, simply sand it a little, and it will never show..as long as the rust has not compromised the metal through the design.You don’t HAVE to do it in white, like these examples, but they sure look lovely and wonderful in the ever loved and shabby chic white! Then, find a pretty rose picture,from and old calendar, etc., do it with or without a mat, and that completes this beautiful and simple but PRETTY look!

Reused old metal picture frames



Reusing old metal picture frames


These are VERY easy to do, and with a beautiful picture of a rose, or flowers, or whatever picture YOU choose to put inside, they turn out beautifully, and would enhance any shabby chic style decor……VERY romantic, don’t you think??!!!

My Etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/creekwatercottage

Have fun!!

Winter at the Shop..

Just a few pics taken before Christmas of  the winter display at the shop….

Lots of vintage silver plate (very collectible at this time, according to the antique specialists, like Kovels and Tias),etc.

including a very Chic Vintage divided wine cooler…one side for the wine bottle…the other for ice, a beautiful Antique Silver coffee pot..(Wm.F.Rodgers) ,a  nice Silver Pineapple bowl

Solid silver Vintage S & P shakers

NICE  white Pfaltzgraff  Pitcher and Bowl

Pretty pieces of collectible white milk glass in several designs, including hobnail…. yummy candles in many wonderful scents, birdcages,old silverware, English China pieces, white geese,shabby window,vintage thermos, and so much more……accented with silver bells and silver strands of snowflakes…. 

I have also added several vintage items to my etsy shop, with much more to come as time permits…….

including a vintage Denver Mint heavy canvas/cotton bank bag, a cute little antique 3″ bisque boy doll, a wonderful metal ivy basket filled  to the brim with:

 Two Vintage lemonade glasses, a collectible vintage glass Avon Beehive,a pretty little clay pot of tiny sunflowers,a removable “Thinking of You” sign/stake,and a cute-as -can- be plush BEE …. a little spot of sunshine and happiness in these cool, winter months, ….all together inside the basket..


NEXT UP….more vintage items, AND VALENTINES!!!! Stay tuned!

OOPS! ALMOST FORGOT! Shabby Chic Clock Face…..ALSO newly listed in my Etsy shoppe!

 check them out at www.etsy.com/shop/creekwatercottage