Vintage Furniture Restoration

Can you believe this was headed to the dump?!

It pays off sometimes to look beyond the dirt, dust,and grime of an otherwise unwanted piece of furniture,and see a good solid wood stucture of possibility.Never mind the nicks,scrapes, and scratches….these are all part of  being “used” in every day life, and only adds to the character of a vintage piece of furniture….

I wish I could have shown you a before picture of this one.

I swept it, cleaned it really well with a clorox bleach based cleaner (it had a heavy paint job underneath, so I didn’t worry about the bleach,and it also killed any bacteria that could have been lurking), sanded it after it was fully dry,cleaned off the wood dust, and used a few cans of quality white spray paint.

Since most vintage furniture drawer pulls measure only 2- 3/4 inches, I had to special order the pulls,since everything nowadays is an “even” 3 inches.Check out flea markets, antique shops or auctions to find vintage drawer pulls, and always keep any hardware that you can get off of unsalvageable pieces. I scored these nice Antique English Chippendale Style drawer pulls on sale from

These are a nice bunch of folks, with a huge selection of any kind of drawer pulls or knobs you could ever imagine.Excellent customer service, and fast shipping. 

With some cleaning supplies, sandpaper, paint, imagination, and some good old fashioned elbow grease, you can turn a cast off into a really nice, functional piece of furniture.

This was probably sold “new” as a vanity , but it would also make a VERY nice desk. The right side has room for a chair, and behind the false drawer is a roomy storage area, where the top lifts up and has a mirror attached to the lid. It has beautiful lines, and a nice curvature on the drawers, and it’s a very attractive piece of furniture now that it was rescued! I have this for sale in my shop priced at $65.99.

What beauty and possibility  that was underneath all that neglect…trash to treasure indeed!

Refurbished Vintage Treasure