New Items in my Etsy Shop

Natural Driftwood Beach Sign with Starfish

Shabby Chic vintage frame with vintage print

Seashell collection gift tray


Beach Cottage Decor

Just listed this in my Etsy shop.

Also just listed a pretty birdhouse and a Muslin flea market tote.Check it out at:<a href="”>

Beach and Seaside decor

Hey ya’ll! Summer is HERE….and it’s BEACH TIME!!!!!!

I have several other posts ready, but first,I KNEW you would WANT to KNOW, that I have  NEW BEACH COTTAGE AND SEASIDE DECOR ITEMS and GIFTS,one of a kind items, artwork, mini signs,etc…JUST listed in my Etsy shop!!!!!

 (click this link to GO THERE)!

I have been SO blessed that most of my NEW beach cottage items have ALSO been listed in SEVERAL Etsy treasuries! What a HUGE honor that is! It means others are not only noticing my hard work and creations, but putting my own items either as their favorites or in their treasuries, as well as putting MY  SHOP in their FAVORITE SHOPS on Etsy as well,and I appreciate the recognition of my work SO much!

I just SOLD a set of 3  Caribbean colored frames with shells quickly after they were listed,  AND I have MORE pretty beach decor items IN THE WORKS….and, I might add, with VERY reasonable prices, and best of all FREE shipping!ONE idea just leads to ANOTHER, then ANOTHER, and another…..until I hopefully have created something for EVERYONE!(they also make GREAT gifts, and can be used for BEACH WEDDING decor and celebrations as well…!

Beachy mini sign-handpainted

 and this beautiful, One-of-a-kind natural Driftwood and Coral Seascape (it shimmers in the light!)


Handpainted Original One-of-a-kind Seascape



(Go to my Etsy shop for the measurements,descriptions, and close ups)

AND…….if you like more of a SUBDUED or NATURAL/EARTHY color range with your beach/seaside decor, You’re in luck!!!!!I have 3-4 coming up in my Etsy shop THIS WEEK, so drop on by my Etsy shop,and I should have those up in the next day or so……!

Then, I’LL do some more posts I have ready for you……then I’ll be RIGHT back with a few more beach items…. with color,  before I start back on OTHER things that are NOT  beach related, so get ’em while the gettin’s good……!!I’m going to keep putting out beach and seaside decor creations until I run out of ideas for them (if that’s possible)……

Growing up along the Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, I will ALWAYS  love the shore, no matter how far you go,or where you go…growing up in Paradise ALWAYS stays with you! MAY want to either subscribe to this blog, or my Etsy shop feed…or BOTH!…That way,YOU  will know EACH time I make a new listing.

As always FEEL FREE to leave any COMMENTS OR SUGGESTIONS, OR IDEAS THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE. I WELCOME ALL COMMENTS AND/OR QUESTIONS!!(I don’t mind answering your questions AT ALL…I would LOVE to hear from you)!


HAVE FUN…enjoy life….and COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS…….!!!!

“HIS mercies are new EVERY morning”!

I THANK ALL OF YOU WHO VISIT MY BLOG AND MY ETSY SHOP….I count YOU as another one of my many blessings TOO…..!