A couple more old window ideas

I grabbed these two pics off the net for you.
Both look pretty easy for you to accomplish as well.

The first one just has clip art printed out and sized to fit the middle pane.This was put on TOP of the glass pane since the glass is frosted.It wouldn’t have showed up very well had it been put behind the pane.
This kind of clip art is abundant for free on: the graphics fairy.com

The second one has photo’s behind the individual panes.

2777777777 008

Old window with photos behind the glass

(I have several new items ready to post in my Etsy shop very soon,so stay tuned to that as well)!

I just got in my supplies to start working on some of the old windows I have recently procured, and can’t wait to start working on them!

I have found that many great ideas come to me just from “piddling” around in my craft room.As soon as you begin,you will start getting all sorts of ideas for OTHER things,and you end up with YOUR very own creations.
Have fun…and be creative!

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Faux Stained Glass Window

Ok… I felt SO guilty for not showing you this BEFORE now, that I ran out to the shop and took a couple of pics for you real quick.
If you have any questions just send me an email….

THIS is the result……….

Of ONE template square……. see how it all works together to make
the overall design of the window?

This looks SO wonderful with the sun behind it. I will try and bring it in one day and put it up at the kitchen window and take another picture for you so you can see JUST how beautiful it looks with the sunlight behind it!Too cloudy today, but you see how it works with a template…..? You just follow the template, putting it behind each pane as you work on the FRONT part,and it will make one overall design when it is finished!

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Turpentine cups

Sorry about that last post….something weird going on with my blog! I don’t know if they changed the format (again)! or if I’m just getting a bad connection on my internet since it’s been raining and very cloudy today here in the upper panhandle of NW Florida.

ANYWAY…what I was saying, was that I hope everyone has/had a wonderful Valentines day.
I have been SO darn busy!

I DID however manage to score 3 NEW-old windows to go with the 2 I already have, but these are large 2 paned, and I already have 2 four paned ones that I need to start working on SOON!

I know ALOT of you land here on my blog looking for new-old window ideas so I promise I will post them just as soon as I get them done. I have been looking on my computer and I think I have one that I have done already. IF I can find it, I will post it.

I need to do some research because I want at least one of those windows to look like the ones you find in churches,but need some inspiration (by the way of pictures) so that I can make my template for the window, with colors, etc.

I just posted 6 new items in my Etsy shop today if you want to take a look!
Be back soon!

Nope,couldn’t find it (it’s no wonder)….do I need to organize or what?? LOL
SO, I will leave you with the one above.It is just a sample of what you can do with the turpentine cups like I just listed in my Etsy shop today.Such a cute farmhouse style look!!

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Some Shabby Chic Style clothespins

Some Shabby Chic Style clothespins

(Go to my Etsy shop for 3 more styles)


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Happy New Year everyone….~

Hope everyone is having a great year so far!
I will post another topic just as soon as I have time to.
Trying to get some sort of Valentine pretty to get in my Etsy shop, as well as a MULTITUDE of unfinished projects..!!!

Anyway, if you have any sort of crafting questions, etc. please feel free to contact me and I will help you out.
Hopefully SOON I can get up some more posts. It seems like every single day has SOMETHING going on to keep me from my craft room, so making a new resolution to do MORE crafting, etc. this year!!

Please visit my Etsy shop:

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Beautiful Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Want or Need some new and beautiful Christmas ornaments?
These would be an awesome gift for people on your list as well!

Pop on over to www.etsy.com/shop/sophiescottage
and get some before they are all gone!GREAT PRICES TOO!
Nothing says Christmas better than these handmade ornaments….!
They’re a great deal!!

Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Pretty Christmas Ornament Gift

I don’t know about you, but I love getting new Christmas ornaments as Christmas gifts…A new one on the tree each year, and what better way to think of your friends and loved ones than putting that new ornament on the tree each year and remembering the giver,which is you!
I found this lovely idea over at the pottingshed on blogspot.

Buy a pretty ornament within your budget that you think the receiver of the gift would like……
Then make a pretty simple paper cone,out of card stock….
Then you could get some free clip art and print out some sheet music,or cover the cone with some old sheet music or old book pages, or whatever color or theme you like…
Fill with some fiberfill or cotton,place your ornament in it,add some greenery or dollar store silver sprigs like these,(or glitter existing ones)embellish with some of your craft supplies,decoupage cutouts, or whatever you like, buttons perhaps, or yo-yo’s….piddle around with your crafting and sewing supplies…until you are pleased with the outcome.
That’s it! You have given a lasting gift with beauty and sweet sentiments, and you didn’t have to spend anything much except for buying a pretty ornament.
Love and joy..
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Pretty way to give Christmas ornaments!

As always, working on new stuff for my Etsy shop….!
http://www.etsy.com/shop/creekwatercottage “MY ETSY SHOP”

Another Beachy Decor Design

Well STILL trying to figure out how to do the pictures again!!
I DID manage to get another NEW listing in my Etsy shop yesterday tho!
This is a pretty Sea shell and pearl picture frame I have been finished with for a while now, just couldn’t get the pictures to look as well as I wanted them to, so I worked yesterday trying to get some better “scenery” for it, and I think it turned out pretty well, don’t you? This is not the MAIN listing picture, just one I added to show it with different backgrounds and colors, just go to my shop to see the main listing picture and a couple of others.<a href=”http://www.etsy.com/shop/creekwatercottage”>

Seashell and Pearl Frame

Also I have alot of new supplies that I am about to list as well, and some more vintage listings, so stay tuned and subsbribe to my feed on Etsy (there is a button on my shop that you click on for that)and you will know everytime something new is added on there. Don’t worry, you won’t get bombarded with spam,because it takes me SO long just to get a listing up lately!! LOL. But, I have alot of new ideas for things I want to make that I think you will love as well. I am surprised at the amount of people looking for beachy decor on a regular basis, tho. And, being raised by the shore for more years than I want to admit (hehe)I, too, have that special love for the sea and all it’s beauty.What’s not to love of another one of God’s creation?

Something else I’d like to touch on as well:

I don’t think alot of people realize just how much WORK is involved in just having an Etsy shop, or a website for that matter, and even have the TIME to do it ALL in one day! WHEW! It IS very time consuming, that’s why it’s so important for things like blogs to be SIMPLE instead of
sitting around trying to figure out the NEW way to post pictures since some setting was changed somewhere. Then, the Etsy shop…you have to make your product look as GOOD as possible, ya know????Do you realize just how many pictures I have to take just to find that ONE good picture that you’re happy with??? Especially if you are not a “professional” photographer! LOL
Then the actual MAKING of the product, and the listing process, the picture taking, the wording, the price,the tag words, trying to post on your blog regularly, and trying to run a little shop here too, plus, all my family responsibilities…and so on, and so on!!!
Sometimes I think people just think its really simple to do all this, but it’s NOT!!There is alot of real hard work involved….it doesn’t just do all this stuff by itself you know??LOL
Some people think it just “magically appears” there for all to see, but once you do it, you see just how much time and effort is involved just to get your product “out there”, and then there’s the constant searching for ways to get your shop info “out there” with the search engines, etc.
I mean, who’s got time, after all that, to tweet or FB??
I think managing your time is the key.BUT, I do so ENJOY crafting, and I am as miserable a person as you’ll ever see when I’m NOT creating something…it’s just something that’s in me…I feel like it’s a God given talent that I have been given freely that I MUST share with others.But of course, you would like to make some sort of living by doing the actual “work” part.
Ok,I’ve spent enough time venting on my blog today,so better get ready to do more things today to get more listings up!
Oh yeah! I finally sold the pretty shbby chic vintage rose picture that I had on Etsy.Whoopie! I had so many “likes” on that thing,and it was put in several “treasuries”, so, I’m glad somebody finally bought it and can enjoy it in their home.

Well…..Time’s a wastin’……!!!!!