Word Blocks



This is just one example of what you can do with odd pieces of wood headed for the landfill.

The possibilites are only limited by your imagination.

Just gather whatever sizes you want of these wood chunks (these came from 2 x 4’s), use some sandpaper to smooth rough edges, make sure to do the ends too, as it will make the paint adhere better. Also- sand over ends well and front/back more lightly. It just makes the paint stick better.

Wipe off blocks after sanding with a soft towel or brush. You can either spray paint the base coat, or you can use a brush with acrylic paint like I did on these.

Then letter away! Anything you want to say or any sentiments.

Let dry completely and then spray (or not) with a clear acrylic sealer.

I did not seal these….and used sandpaper to sand off the edges after painting to give it a time worn look.

You can also not use stencils.. and just do a freehand lettering, which is really primitive and not meant to be perfect.

Choose any color combination you want. Think up sayings or words that YOU would like to express……

Have fun!

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