AHhhhhh….. Valentines’ day…..the time to show your love in a special way for that special someone.

Alot of people don’t know that the REAL person, VALENTINE, paid the ultimate price for love of others……the ruler had forbid men to marry because the country needed them for war…they knew if the men got married….they wouldn’t WANT to go off to war…..what kind of  ruler would ignore God’s law, and impose his own over  people in love….who wanted to obey His law and be married?

So, when he was imprisoned and sentenced to die for the ”crime” of secretly marrying couples, his last note was to his OWN love…..which,if  legend holds true….read, “from your Valentine…” and THAT’S how it all got started…….a what a lovely day of days it is.

What a man, huh?………………..I’ll bet he would have NEVER even imagined OR thought that his sacrificial legacy would become a day honoring him…our own “Valentines Day”….and that it would….. probably forever I should hope,… be a once a year SPECIAL celebration of LOVE.

I would hope that we would ALL show the ones we love that they are special…not only on February 14th, but EVERY day…..MY DH will get a special card on this day…along with his favorite “food”..which is chocolate! One big ole’ HUGE Hershey bar….which we shall share together, because that’s what people DO that have love for one another…..

It makes me remember grade school with fondness…..we would all make a huge folder with paper and staples and hearts with a pocket to put on the back of our seats…where everyone would place the Valentines that they had for the other students. I remember those cute and sometime silly or corny little Valentines……everyone in the class got Valentines….I remember one little boy I was quite fond of was that home sick that day, so I volunteered to take all his Valentines that he received from school to him at his home…and sure enough, there he was in his little pajamas..home sick…but I’m sure that big folder of probably 30 or more Valentines, made him feel just a little bit better that day!Do they still do that in school???I sure hope’s been a long while since mine were in school, but I hope they NEVER stop that tradition.It didn’t matter if you were popular or not, or rich or poor,or ugly or pretty, or skinny or fat,EVERYONE got a Valentine on that ONE very special day.I’ll bet it just makes alot of kids days a little more fun, and a little brighter…..don’t you?

Many Valentines of old are VERY collectible.It is quite amazing that many have survived through the years. In doing some research, I found some pictures of the most beautiful antique Valentines, and many people, I have found, have contributed to the making of these beautiful paper treasures,from the invention of paper lace to all the extra adornments that could be added to them….as well as sayings like  this:

“May fortune weave a wreath for thee, Of all her choicest flowers. May all thy days the brightest be, And sunshine gild thy hours”


 that saying could be for ANYONE! It was VERY common to give Valentines to good friends as well as husbands and wives and couples.

In honor of  “Saint Valentine”, and his own life that he risked and gave up for the good of others by performing Holy Matrimony, I have made a 3 piece tag set of Simple Victorian sentiments…….these are now available in my Etsy shop if you would be interested in purchasing them….

 The next set is a Sparkly Music theme.These could be a Valentine in themselves, or used as a tie on for your gifts….!



 These are ALSO available for purchase in my Etsy shop.

In the meantime, I’ll be workin’, as my body permits, on more projects for you!