Refurbished Shelf Cabinet

BLOGRefurbished shelf cabinet

I found this online the other day on the polka dot closet blog and just had to share it with you all. See how pretty you can make something with just a little elbow grease, paint and wallpaper?
SO pretty!

What a major difference!!!I think it is so pretty!Taking an unlikely,old,plain cabinet and turning it into something beautiful…

I hope to get some new items up very soon in my Etsy shop. If you would like to be emailed when new items appear, just send me an email with your email address included and title it “email list”. I won’t give out your email address to anyone,and only plan on sending an email when I get new items on my webshop.I promise not to bombard you with unwanted emails!!Just send to:


Thanks for looking! now GO CREATE SOMETHING…:)
Did I mention how much I love and appreciate all my blog readers?
I LOVE hearing from you all!Thanks for your support and your comments.
If there is anything you would like to see, or see more of, just let me know and I will find it for you!

Have fun!


Latest Vintage Window Creation & BIG SALE in my Etsy shop!!

I just LOVE doing these old windows. Not just the artwork, but the fact that something old-(and usually going to the landfill)- gets a recycled/refurbished/renewed life with beautiful artwork.

(This one may look uneven, but the fact of the matter is,I had to adjust the pattern to be right, and NOT go by the handle placement on the window, because the handle, in fact, is NOT in the middle of the window. However it is not very noticeable. I just left it as it was instead of taking off the handle and replacing it where it should have been. Obviously, whomever did it, did not pay much attention to detail, or they would have measured for the placement of the handle to be in the exact middle of the window.I also could have taken it off completely and filled the holes and sanded it,but it didn’t really bother me, so I just left it like it was.

I can’t wait to start on another one, however, it will have to wait until after the holidays. I hope to get up enough of a collection to have a show, with plenty of them for folks to choose from. I have some real pretty Tiffany patterns, so that may be the next one I choose. I have ALOT of patterns,so,I will just have to figure which one I want to do next.I have 2 more small window with 4 panes,another one just like this one,and several larger windows as well, so there are plenty of options where my pattern sizes and window sizes are concerned!

 I am still looking for a pattern like the ones in church windows.I may end of having to make my own pattern on that one.They look SO lovely on a  windowsill,where the light comes through,but I like them to be just as pretty when the sun goes down!Some people like to hang them on their sun room ceilings,and they are also lovely on a mantel,or hung above it,but the whole thing about them,at least to me is, you really want one placed so the sun shines through it to get the true effect of “stained glass”.



just use the coupon code on the site and you will get 20% off ALL ITEMS IN THE ‘SALE’ CATEGORY.






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old window with either paint or vinyl lettering

old door made into hall tree with seating added

flat ocean fans behind glass

old frame with can buy these letters at Walmart and other stores


door with mirror insert

Next post, I will change up some,and show you some great ideas for making your own home decor…the easy way! Please dont forget to visit my etsy shop! Please do not hesitiate to comment on other things you would like to see! Thanks again…and have a wonderful day everyone!Peggy

LOTS of pics of both window and door repurposing











Sorry about that, some posted twice!!
If they aren’t big enough, just click on the picture and it will make it bigger.
ENJOY these and come up with some of your own ideas!

I also have some NEW listings in my Etsy shop.Please stop by there for a looksee!!I have posted a vintage Wasabi set,and a NEW beach picture assemblage in/on a frame!
Have fun!
Thanks for all of your comments!I LOVE to hear from you, what you would like to see more of, etc.
Have a SAFE and HAPPY 4th everyone!!!

A couple more old window ideas

I grabbed these two pics off the net for you.
Both look pretty easy for you to accomplish as well.

The first one just has clip art printed out and sized to fit the middle pane.This was put on TOP of the glass pane since the glass is frosted.It wouldn’t have showed up very well had it been put behind the pane.
This kind of clip art is abundant for free on: the graphics

The second one has photo’s behind the individual panes.

2777777777 008

Old window with photos behind the glass

(I have several new items ready to post in my Etsy shop very soon,so stay tuned to that as well)!

I just got in my supplies to start working on some of the old windows I have recently procured, and can’t wait to start working on them!

I have found that many great ideas come to me just from “piddling” around in my craft room.As soon as you begin,you will start getting all sorts of ideas for OTHER things,and you end up with YOUR very own creations.
Have fun…and be creative!

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Faux Stained Glass Window

Ok… I felt SO guilty for not showing you this BEFORE now, that I ran out to the shop and took a couple of pics for you real quick.
If you have any questions just send me an email….

THIS is the result……….

Of ONE template square……. see how it all works together to make
the overall design of the window?

This looks SO wonderful with the sun behind it. I will try and bring it in one day and put it up at the kitchen window and take another picture for you so you can see JUST how beautiful it looks with the sunlight behind it!Too cloudy today, but you see how it works with a template…..? You just follow the template, putting it behind each pane as you work on the FRONT part,and it will make one overall design when it is finished!

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Beach and Seaside decor

Hey ya’ll! Summer is HERE….and it’s BEACH TIME!!!!!!

I have several other posts ready, but first,I KNEW you would WANT to KNOW, that I have  NEW BEACH COTTAGE AND SEASIDE DECOR ITEMS and GIFTS,one of a kind items, artwork, mini signs,etc…JUST listed in my Etsy shop!!!!!

 (click this link to GO THERE)!

I have been SO blessed that most of my NEW beach cottage items have ALSO been listed in SEVERAL Etsy treasuries! What a HUGE honor that is! It means others are not only noticing my hard work and creations, but putting my own items either as their favorites or in their treasuries, as well as putting MY  SHOP in their FAVORITE SHOPS on Etsy as well,and I appreciate the recognition of my work SO much!

I just SOLD a set of 3  Caribbean colored frames with shells quickly after they were listed,  AND I have MORE pretty beach decor items IN THE WORKS….and, I might add, with VERY reasonable prices, and best of all FREE shipping!ONE idea just leads to ANOTHER, then ANOTHER, and another…..until I hopefully have created something for EVERYONE!(they also make GREAT gifts, and can be used for BEACH WEDDING decor and celebrations as well…!

Beachy mini sign-handpainted

 and this beautiful, One-of-a-kind natural Driftwood and Coral Seascape (it shimmers in the light!)


Handpainted Original One-of-a-kind Seascape



(Go to my Etsy shop for the measurements,descriptions, and close ups)

AND…….if you like more of a SUBDUED or NATURAL/EARTHY color range with your beach/seaside decor, You’re in luck!!!!!I have 3-4 coming up in my Etsy shop THIS WEEK, so drop on by my Etsy shop,and I should have those up in the next day or so……!

Then, I’LL do some more posts I have ready for you……then I’ll be RIGHT back with a few more beach items…. with color,  before I start back on OTHER things that are NOT  beach related, so get ’em while the gettin’s good……!!I’m going to keep putting out beach and seaside decor creations until I run out of ideas for them (if that’s possible)……

Growing up along the Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, I will ALWAYS  love the shore, no matter how far you go,or where you go…growing up in Paradise ALWAYS stays with you! MAY want to either subscribe to this blog, or my Etsy shop feed…or BOTH!…That way,YOU  will know EACH time I make a new listing.

As always FEEL FREE to leave any COMMENTS OR SUGGESTIONS, OR IDEAS THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE. I WELCOME ALL COMMENTS AND/OR QUESTIONS!!(I don’t mind answering your questions AT ALL…I would LOVE to hear from you)!


HAVE FUN…enjoy life….and COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS…….!!!!

“HIS mercies are new EVERY morning”!

I THANK ALL OF YOU WHO VISIT MY BLOG AND MY ETSY SHOP….I count YOU as another one of my many blessings TOO…..!


Seaside Beach Decor

Hi Folks! Thanks so much for stopping in and visiting my blog!

I did manage to get (3) NEW items listed in my Etsy shop and two may be of interest to you looking for Beach Decor. I have already sold one of these seashell wreaths in Pink with green accents. This one is in a BEAUTIFUL  sparkling color called “Feldspar” THE ocean color!( I can also do custom work if anyone wants one made in “their’ color of choice) Just drop me an email!

I also have several MORE beach decor items in the works, and will get them finished and in my Etsy shop for you as soon as possible. You may purchase them here:

Seashell Wreath

 It has already been listed in someones beautiful “treasury” on Etsy with like colors, which is an honor, also, a good frind of mine  liked it and plugged it on HER blog as well:What an honor from my BFF-A.J., who is ultimately the “Queen of Everything”!!!Make sure to look upon her website as well,as she is also adding more items to her Etsy shop. It’s one of the best blogs around. She is SO giving, AND shares SO MUCH with her readers by the way of helping and instructions on a variety of items. I’m  ALWAYS impressed by her items in her mall space at Stars Antique Mall in Portland, Oregon..some of the things she comes up with that she makes by hand are truly awesome. She has been such a help and inspiration to me in a million ways. Me having this blog and sharing to you all ….is because she urged me on,taught me that I COULD do things, all you have to do is take the first step! Besides being my very best friend, she is and always HAS been a great mentor.She is one awesome chick!!!!!!!!!

You can visit this amazing lady and at her etsy shop here:

Shell and Driftwood Beach Sign

I also got a “Gathering Room” sign listed
( you can also special order these from me, with any saying or words you like, in any color, like this special order with a crackle finish for outdoors:),

Personalized sign/special order

I  also made some CUTE little jars with nests and eggs, 
 I FINALLY got the back patio wrought iron chairs painted..(which was very painful to do with my Fibrofreakenmyalgia,but it was worth it to protect it for another year or so).
 I also got painted another little shabby chic wooden chair, I have always loved this style….

Shabby Beach Cottage Chair

 Had to do some repair work, and it’s not perfect, but it sits great and is good and sturdy!
 got a  pretty pink peony wreath done, got in a farm table, another little black antique table, which would make a FINE little bar set up if you ask me, with one nice large drawer and an open front underneath, have to show the pics later on!
Sequined Mermaid,Handpainted features, and put on a stand

Mermaid in Sequins,handpainted detail,original design

 SOOOOoooooo as you can WELL see, I have NOT been sitting on my butt ALL the time!LOL> I have been a busy little bee…Happy Spring everyone!!!

Have fun!!






















Ideas for old metal picture frames

I came across this in blogland, and it was SO pretty, I HAD to share it with you.

Remember the old, gold ( or silver), METAL  picture frames? Well, they are still sold today, BUT there are ALOT of older ones out there, and you can get them for next to nothing at thrifts, garage sales,etc. Try to find ones with pretty designs in relief,so that when you do this treatment,the  design will stand out wonderfully! Just make sure they are cleaned WELL ,and then, either use and undercoat, or, use a paint made for metal to keep it from rusting (SPRAY PAINT IS FINE).If you find one  with  a tiny amount of rust, don’t worry, simply sand it a little, and it will never long as the rust has not compromised the metal through the design.You don’t HAVE to do it in white, like these examples, but they sure look lovely and wonderful in the ever loved and shabby chic white! Then, find a pretty rose picture,from and old calendar, etc., do it with or without a mat, and that completes this beautiful and simple but PRETTY look!

Reused old metal picture frames



Reusing old metal picture frames


These are VERY easy to do, and with a beautiful picture of a rose, or flowers, or whatever picture YOU choose to put inside, they turn out beautifully, and would enhance any shabby chic style decor……VERY romantic, don’t you think??!!!

My Etsy shop:

Have fun!!

Vintage Furniture Restoration

Can you believe this was headed to the dump?!

It pays off sometimes to look beyond the dirt, dust,and grime of an otherwise unwanted piece of furniture,and see a good solid wood stucture of possibility.Never mind the nicks,scrapes, and scratches….these are all part of  being “used” in every day life, and only adds to the character of a vintage piece of furniture….

I wish I could have shown you a before picture of this one.

I swept it, cleaned it really well with a clorox bleach based cleaner (it had a heavy paint job underneath, so I didn’t worry about the bleach,and it also killed any bacteria that could have been lurking), sanded it after it was fully dry,cleaned off the wood dust, and used a few cans of quality white spray paint.

Since most vintage furniture drawer pulls measure only 2- 3/4 inches, I had to special order the pulls,since everything nowadays is an “even” 3 inches.Check out flea markets, antique shops or auctions to find vintage drawer pulls, and always keep any hardware that you can get off of unsalvageable pieces. I scored these nice Antique English Chippendale Style drawer pulls on sale from

These are a nice bunch of folks, with a huge selection of any kind of drawer pulls or knobs you could ever imagine.Excellent customer service, and fast shipping. 

With some cleaning supplies, sandpaper, paint, imagination, and some good old fashioned elbow grease, you can turn a cast off into a really nice, functional piece of furniture.

This was probably sold “new” as a vanity , but it would also make a VERY nice desk. The right side has room for a chair, and behind the false drawer is a roomy storage area, where the top lifts up and has a mirror attached to the lid. It has beautiful lines, and a nice curvature on the drawers, and it’s a very attractive piece of furniture now that it was rescued! I have this for sale in my shop priced at $65.99.

What beauty and possibility  that was underneath all that neglect…trash to treasure indeed!

Refurbished Vintage Treasure