some items added to Etsy….PLUS

Still trying to get these photos to look right! All I did was change themes, so now I am working on that, so, just remember that if I don’t get them right you can see them on:

so, here goes………….

Well. i THINK, it turned out right, let me check the status….YEP! It worked. this is a nice piece of Primitive Americana, I really like this piece and enjoyed making it. It can be purchased in my Etsy shop.

 I just did my August mark down,so it’s a great bargain!

Let’s See What’s next:

 SO FAR SO GOOD…. a little Patriotic Folk Art angel. completely handmade, with “Americana” print wings and a very primitive tea stained tag, using denim and muslin! What a doll!

yep, she’s on my etsy shop right here, half price!