This is not so much a crafting idea, but more of an organizational idea for your FABRIC in your craft room ……….

This works VERY well with your fabrics, as well as with your bedspreads,quilts,blankets,etc.

I don’t know about you, but when I want a certain bedspread or blanket out of my huge antique blanket cabinet, I end up messing everything else up, because wouldn’t you know, the one I want is close to the bottom!

It’s kinda hard to slide one out,without messing up the others…..then, I have to restack, and sometimes refold the others!! 

I have redone my fabric shelf JUST like this, as well as my quilts, blankets,etc., AND I have found it works MUCH better with my fabric, and it is MUCH easier to pull out the ONE fabric roll that you need, WITHOUT having to RE-stack and RE-fold all the other fabrics,bedspreads, etc.

I got this idea and picture from 

It looks SO much NEATER too…….!

Wouldn’t you just LOVE to have a collection  like this of vintage chenille bedspreads?!?!?WOW!!

Just another idea for your spring cleaning and organizing……..