Easy Elegant Pillows

I found These pretty pillows online for you…
Looks very easy to do to create a chic,shabby,and elegant look by:

covering (or buy an existing one for 3-8 dollars)
a pillow with a soft muted tone fabric by cutting fabric size enough,plus 1/4 inch to cover pillow,cut two

then,to outward side,(hand or machine)sew doily to made, found, or family heirloom treasures that are hand crocheted….
this one also has a ribbon flower (easy to make with wired ribbon,just experiement)and a vintage or pretty button!

These are just beautiful to me

They would also be very pretty on a bedspread.
very elegant,don’t you think?

Some have lace sewn on top of the pillow case
then the doily is sewn on, then a flower

I have THREE to list, all hand crocheted doilies/ and table scarves in my shop…..have you checked it out lately? Lots of NEW stuff:


Look at garage,tag,estate sales,grandma’s house,thrift shops…..even dollar stores have small ones…(however they are NOT hand made,and not here in the USA either,,,,but…you can tea or coffee stain these slighly for an older and more vintage look if you would like.
thanks for looking…
Be back here hopefully soon with a $3.00 Fall wreath you can make…