Re-purposed Door Mirror/Roses

This was an old door mirror that had some spotting and was headed to the landfill. I grabbed it and saved it until I could figure out what to do with it! Then, the idea came to me one day. Realizing my love of those beautiful yard longs, I decided to make one sort of in that style (even though it is much longer than a yard!).

I spray painted the frame white, then, with an antique white or eggshell color,with a spray paint that was made to adhere to glass, I painted the mirror.

I then found a fabric that I liked, purchased it,(you may already have some on hand), spent several days when I had time (watching news, etc.) and cut out the large roses,stems, and leaves. 

I laid it out on the table in a pleasing arrangement, and then used spray adhesive to attach the flowers to the mirror, beginning at the center, and working my way out to each side, careful to connect the stems, and place the leaves and flowers in a connected design.

It turned out pretty, and I have had alot of positive comments about it.

It would look great over a mantle, over a bed, or simply any space that will allow it. You can use other things besides fabric, like wallpaper scraps,etc. You can do your own thing with it, and come up with your own design!

(You may wish to do the design vertically, instead of horizontally, like I did.) 

It’s very cottage-chic, and a great way to re-purpose something that was going to be thrown away by making something beautiful with it instead, and create your own one-of-a-kind wall art.

Have fun creating your own!

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