Chic Lampshade Re-do

This is a small Vintage lamp that needed something additional to make it more interesting, and it is very simple to do.

I currently have it in my “Paris Apartment” display, but it looks great with my Shabby Chic display as well. It would work in your “boudoir”, go well with a Chic style decor as a desk lamp, and would also work in a “powder room”, or a girls room.

This lamp looks white, but it is a very light pink swirled glass, and it sits on a marble pedestal .The wiring works fine, even though the plug is one of the vintage round ones. (It is available for purchase for $15.00 plus shipping.)

I had to find a small shade for it, as the one with it was not workable, but I finally found one at a local flea market.(It’s one of those that has a dual wire that fits on the bulb).

The shade I found was kind of discolored, so I got the idea to spray paint it white, and it worked perfectly. I just let it dry/cure for a week or so, and it didn’t give off any fumes of any kind when burning the bulb.(You may want to find a spray paint for fabric instead, but only the pleated part is fabric.Underneath the fabric is plastic). I have a low 40 watt bulb in it, and have never had any problems with the shade.

I had some pretty ribbon edging with crystal droplets in pastel iridescent pinks,etc.sewn into it that I had purchased before, just because I loved it, and knew I would find the perfect use for it down the road.

I measured the length that I needed, for the top rim, and the bottom rim, and simply used glue to attach it. I think it was Aleene’s Tacky glue, or either SOBO fabric glue, I can’t remember which, but either would work. I had a bit of trouble at first until I realized it would be much easier to glue small sections at the time, and used some small clamps(like the old hair roller type) to hold it until the section I had glued adhered.(You also need another clamp to hold the piece that is yet to be glued to keep it out of the way while you work,because the crystals have weight). 

It took some trial and error to do it, but I think it was just what it needed to “pretty it up”! (I have seen these in big retail stores, and they are NOT cheap!).

Chic Lampshade re-do

Chic Lampshade re-do

Don’t be afraid to use different style edgings to rehab lamp shades. The ones with feather edgings are good sellers as well, but you can also save yourself some money and do this yourself!The possibilites are only limited by your imagination! Lamps at fleas/goodwill, as long as the wiring is intact (unless you want to rewire it), are good candidates for re-doing.(It’s always a good idea to rewire very old lamps, just to be on the safe side).

 There are alot of paint techniques that you can apply to the BASES of older lamps that can update them to match your decor or style, and give them a whole new look! Just remember, if you don’t like your paint job/style, you can always paint over it and start again. When you get it how you want it,(make sure to cover any wiring/sockets), and then spray with an acrylic spray to protect your work.