Newest listing in my Etsy shoppe….! Pretty vintage drinkware!

When I found these on one of my buying trips, little did I know the amount of time and energy it would take to find out some infomation on these beauties!!!



I finally found an expert whom gave me the information I needed to begin another search.

These are obvioulsly very rare in the marketplace! And, if any more remain, they must tucked away in someones china cabinet or attic! 

I would love to hear from anyone who has seen any of these (I only found ONE online) or anyone who owns them.

The Jeanette Glassware line of this pattern calledNational” was abundant in the clear glasses, but not in this flash painted shabby pink and green! I did manage to see one that was dark blue, and one like these, but that was IT!

I even searched the links that I keep that sell antique glassware like this, as well as Ebay,etc. and like I said, I only found one glass like these.

Except for few very minor flaws, they are in perfect conditon. Whomever had them before took VERY good care of them. I can just see them on a table serving iced tea or cocktails at some one’s summer party…they are just LOVELY to me!

Very heavy glass, which is what has probably saved them from breakage! They don’t even have ANY chips or cracks for glassware of this age! They must not have been used very much, if at all!Lovely ribbed pattern,flash painted in frosted pink and green, They are shabby chic to the core!!

Another lady customer that was at the counter in line where I purchased them loved them, and said she wished she had seen them first!! She looked amazed, and said she didn’t see them or she would have gotten them for sure! Glad I spotted them first!!!!

She also said that she had seen some like them at some hotel somewhere or other a long long time ago. As it stands now, I would love to hear from any of you if YOU have seen any of these at any time?!?!?! Lucky find for me it seems!!

don’t you love them too…???

Working hard on other things too that I hope to get on Etsy soon. Some lower cost items I’m working on,

A friend just sent me alot of craft supplies,etc. in the mail for my upcoming birthday next Monday.

I sure hope she knows how much I love her and APPRECIATE the generous and beautiful gifts that she has sent to me over the YEARS…….!! I owe her alotso much….for years of giving……friendship…gifts,ideas,confidence,inspiration. She’s the one that first encouraged me to start this blog, and I don’t think she really knows just how much I appreciate her for ALL ot it……but I DO !

Have fun and go create something today!

If I don’t get off of here, I’m not going to get anything done today!! LOL





thanks for visiting!!

old window with either paint or vinyl lettering

old door made into hall tree with seating added

flat ocean fans behind glass

old frame with can buy these letters at Walmart and other stores


door with mirror insert

Next post, I will change up some,and show you some great ideas for making your own home decor…the easy way! Please dont forget to visit my etsy shop! Please do not hesitiate to comment on other things you would like to see! Thanks again…and have a wonderful day everyone!Peggy



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LOTS of pics of both window and door repurposing











Sorry about that, some posted twice!!
If they aren’t big enough, just click on the picture and it will make it bigger.
ENJOY these and come up with some of your own ideas!

I also have some NEW listings in my Etsy shop.Please stop by there for a looksee!!I have posted a vintage Wasabi set,and a NEW beach picture assemblage in/on a frame!
Have fun!
Thanks for all of your comments!I LOVE to hear from you, what you would like to see more of, etc.
Have a SAFE and HAPPY 4th everyone!!!