A couple more old window ideas

I grabbed these two pics off the net for you.
Both look pretty easy for you to accomplish as well.

The first one just has clip art printed out and sized to fit the middle pane.This was put on TOP of the glass pane since the glass is frosted.It wouldn’t have showed up very well had it been put behind the pane.
This kind of clip art is abundant for free on: the graphics fairy.com

The second one has photo’s behind the individual panes.

2777777777 008

Old window with photos behind the glass

(I have several new items ready to post in my Etsy shop very soon,so stay tuned to that as well)!

I just got in my supplies to start working on some of the old windows I have recently procured, and can’t wait to start working on them!

I have found that many great ideas come to me just from “piddling” around in my craft room.As soon as you begin,you will start getting all sorts of ideas for OTHER things,and you end up with YOUR very own creations.
Have fun…and be creative!

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