Faux Stained Glass Window

Ok… I felt SO guilty for not showing you this BEFORE now, that I ran out to the shop and took a couple of pics for you real quick.
If you have any questions just send me an email….

THIS is the result……….

Of ONE template square……. see how it all works together to make
the overall design of the window?

This looks SO wonderful with the sun behind it. I will try and bring it in one day and put it up at the kitchen window and take another picture for you so you can see JUST how beautiful it looks with the sunlight behind it!Too cloudy today, but you see how it works with a template…..? You just follow the template, putting it behind each pane as you work on the FRONT part,and it will make one overall design when it is finished!

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Turpentine cups

Sorry about that last post….something weird going on with my blog! I don’t know if they changed the format (again)! or if I’m just getting a bad connection on my internet since it’s been raining and very cloudy today here in the upper panhandle of NW Florida.

ANYWAY…what I was saying, was that I hope everyone has/had a wonderful Valentines day.
I have been SO darn busy!

I DID however manage to score 3 NEW-old windows to go with the 2 I already have, but these are large 2 paned, and I already have 2 four paned ones that I need to start working on SOON!

I know ALOT of you land here on my blog looking for new-old window ideas so I promise I will post them just as soon as I get them done. I have been looking on my computer and I think I have one that I have done already. IF I can find it, I will post it.

I need to do some research because I want at least one of those windows to look like the ones you find in churches,but need some inspiration (by the way of pictures) so that I can make my template for the window, with colors, etc.

I just posted 6 new items in my Etsy shop today if you want to take a look!
Be back soon!

Nope,couldn’t find it (it’s no wonder)….do I need to organize or what?? LOL
SO, I will leave you with the one above.It is just a sample of what you can do with the turpentine cups like I just listed in my Etsy shop today.Such a cute farmhouse style look!!

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Some Shabby Chic Style clothespins

Some Shabby Chic Style clothespins

(Go to my Etsy shop for 3 more styles)


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