Pretty Christmas Ornament Gift

I don’t know about you, but I love getting new Christmas ornaments as Christmas gifts…A new one on the tree each year, and what better way to think of your friends and loved ones than putting that new ornament on the tree each year and remembering the giver,which is you!
I found this lovely idea over at the pottingshed on blogspot.

Buy a pretty ornament within your budget that you think the receiver of the gift would like……
Then make a pretty simple paper cone,out of card stock….
Then you could get some free clip art and print out some sheet music,or cover the cone with some old sheet music or old book pages, or whatever color or theme you like…
Fill with some fiberfill or cotton,place your ornament in it,add some greenery or dollar store silver sprigs like these,(or glitter existing ones)embellish with some of your craft supplies,decoupage cutouts, or whatever you like, buttons perhaps, or yo-yo’s….piddle around with your crafting and sewing supplies…until you are pleased with the outcome.
That’s it! You have given a lasting gift with beauty and sweet sentiments, and you didn’t have to spend anything much except for buying a pretty ornament.
Love and joy..
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Pretty way to give Christmas ornaments!

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