Ideas for old metal picture frames

I came across this in blogland, and it was SO pretty, I HAD to share it with you.

Remember the old, gold ( or silver), METAL  picture frames? Well, they are still sold today, BUT there are ALOT of older ones out there, and you can get them for next to nothing at thrifts, garage sales,etc. Try to find ones with pretty designs in relief,so that when you do this treatment,the  design will stand out wonderfully! Just make sure they are cleaned WELL ,and then, either use and undercoat, or, use a paint made for metal to keep it from rusting (SPRAY PAINT IS FINE).If you find one  with  a tiny amount of rust, don’t worry, simply sand it a little, and it will never long as the rust has not compromised the metal through the design.You don’t HAVE to do it in white, like these examples, but they sure look lovely and wonderful in the ever loved and shabby chic white! Then, find a pretty rose picture,from and old calendar, etc., do it with or without a mat, and that completes this beautiful and simple but PRETTY look!

Reused old metal picture frames



Reusing old metal picture frames


These are VERY easy to do, and with a beautiful picture of a rose, or flowers, or whatever picture YOU choose to put inside, they turn out beautifully, and would enhance any shabby chic style decor……VERY romantic, don’t you think??!!!

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Have fun!!


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