Lacy Votive Cup

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all having wonderful Spring weather! Forgive my absence, but I just CAN’T stay in the house when Spring arrives! I have been happily planting flowers, and of course, weeding out my flower bed, doing pruning,etc. DH has the yard looking so pretty, all the oaks have turned a beautiful green, the hummingbirds are happily drinking the nectar, and the birds are excitingly announcing Spring! It is so peaceful and beautiful at this time of year, I never want to go shopping, since it is SO much nicer here with nature,than fighting the crowds at the stores! 

This week I wanted to show you a really easy votive to make. It hardly takes any time at all!

I saw one of these somewhere, and it had what I thought was an exhorbitant price tag! I forgot to take before pics, but it is so easy I don’t really think it is necessary, as even a beginning crafter should have no trouble at all.

Just take a simple glass votive cup, measure a piece of lace in whatever color you choose, from top to bottom of the votive, which is about two inches or so. (I chose to leave some space on the top and bottom).Measure the circumference of the votive to give you the length around, and cut.

Using Mod Podge or your choice of decoupage liquid or glue, use a paintbrush and apply to the wrong side of the lace. Hold the end of the lace at apply the lace at a starting point, then just gently but firmly wrap around the votive cup. Bring ends together and cut off any excess lace, but make sure the ends come together evenly without leaving a space, so that it looks almost seamless. I just used a simple old hair roller clasp to hold in place until dry. I also used a pretty sheer black ribbon and tied around it and made a bow. Then… just pop in a simple votive candle, and that’s all there is too it!!

This one I am showing would look great in your bedroom, or Paris Chic apartment! You can use any color lace that you like.

These votives would also make a great addition to things like  wedding rehersal dinner tables where you make alot of them in the bride’s colors! They would be very pretty that way, all lined up on the table, as well as using them for dinner parties or entertaining as well.

 For Holidays, you could dress them up any way you like, just by changing the colors of the lace. For summer evening outdoor dinner parties, you could use pastels, and even sprinkle a little glitter while the glue is still wet to make them really shimmer!

They would also be beautiful surrounding your tub for those times when you get to take a long, relaxing soak!

I think they are so pretty, and so easy to do!

You don’t have to limit yourself to votive sized either. Try this small one to see how easy it is, and then maybe get a larger glass candle holder or globe. Or get graduated sizes and make them to put together for a dramatic effect.

I am working on a project for the next post, and am taking before pictures, as well as pictures showing each step of the project. I am also working on a new website, and hope to get that up and going this week as well. If you have any inquiries about any of the projects, or about items that are for sale in my shop during this transition, just drop me and email at, and I will get back to you promptly!               ‘Til next time!….Peggy


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