I love old windows! I recently aquired 5 and finally got around to doing something with one of them that I have had planned for a long time.

Mind you, I still have to paint the back before I can put it in the shop for sale, but I thought I’d better show it to you now, so you can get started on yours.


These old windows can be picked up inexpensively at flea markets, etc. for about $8.00 or so, but if you can find an old house that someone is remodling, you might score some for free! And there’s no rule that says you can’t use new windows, but they may be way more expensive, and besides, I like the look of the old ones better.

You’ll want to thoroughly clean your window. I first used a soft brush to get off the dust. Then I cleaned it with mild soap and water to get off any more residue. You may want to sand off any old paint to make it smooth, or you may want to use it as it is. Just make sure to sand lightly over any parts that may be chipping, so you will get an even finish, and clean off the sanding dust with a damp rag . You may even want to leave it natural, and just do the panes. It’s really up to you how you want your window to look!

All you need is spray paint, and some lace in a pattern that you like.

 Lace panels can be found in thrift or Goodwill stores for next to nothing, or you may have some lace, or old lace panel curtains that you could use.

It’s a good idea to heavily starch and iron your lace pieces so that they will lay flat on the glass part of your window. You could even use spray adhesive to hold them down, but I chose not to because I didn’t want any unessecary film on the glass part of the window

Just measure one or two pieces of lace the same size as your window panes and cut them out.

Lay them down on the panes and make sure they are flat and there aren’t any places that are sticking up. It must lay completely flat against the panes.

Then, take your spray paint, any color you wish, (I used a light taupe color), and spray uniformly over your lace.

Continue carefully spraying the sides or wood part.

 (If you want the window frame,or wood parts, a different color than your lace panes, then you may want to spray it first, and just put some pieces of poster paper or newpaper, cut the size of your panes to cover them, to prevent overspray on your panes. But then you have to cover the sides to prevent overspray on the frame, or wood part.

Pick up the lace carefully after a couple of minutes, and let dry completely.

That’s all there is to it!

I think they are very pretty and chic, and would look great on a fireplace mantle or hung on the wall. They are also nice for shop props as well, and can be hung from the ceiling. You could also hang things from the top to display things in your shop as a background for your items.

You could use them on a porch or in a sunroom as well.

I am already gathering ideas for the other windows, and will post them in this category when I have some more to show you. 

Have fun doing your own, and don’t forget to visit my shop to see some of the new prim inventory that I have ! 

I am currently working on a website, and will post the link on here when I get it all done.

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