Word Blocks



This is just one example of what you can do with odd pieces of wood headed for the landfill.

The possibilites are only limited by your imagination.

Just gather whatever sizes you want of these wood chunks (these came from 2 x 4’s), use some sandpaper to smooth rough edges, make sure to do the ends too, as it will make the paint adhere better. Also- sand over ends well and front/back more lightly. It just makes the paint stick better.

Wipe off blocks after sanding with a soft towel or brush. You can either spray paint the base coat, or you can use a brush with acrylic paint like I did on these.

Then letter away! Anything you want to say or any sentiments.

Let dry completely and then spray (or not) with a clear acrylic sealer.

I did not seal these….and used sandpaper to sand off the edges after painting to give it a time worn look.

You can also not use stencils.. and just do a freehand lettering, which is really primitive and not meant to be perfect.

Choose any color combination you want. Think up sayings or words that YOU would like to express……

Have fun!

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Seaside Tabletop Christmas Tree

Tiny Christmas TreeSo sorry I haven’t kept up with my crafting blog lately. I am doing much better now, and will try to keep up with it better from now on.

I recently got diagnosed with not only osteoarthritis, but fibromyalgia as well! All this together with my herniated disc!

It’s been a rough go, but luckily my great doctor put me on two new medicines that have helped me GREATLY! One is Lyrica, and the other is Meloxicam. I could tell a huge difference ever since I started on these two medicines. I still have to take my mucle relaxers and my pain meds as needed, which unfortunately is every day, but they all help me to get done what I need to get done, and has also helped me get back to what I love, which is running my shop, and crafting! I have ordered some much needed inventory for my small shop, and more is on the way. Maybe now I will be getting back to short road trips to find some more things for the shop as well.

I’m not sure if I should post the past Holiday crafts that I was able to get done, so I will just try and post the pretty little christmas tree that I made using some natural material for the major embellishments, so here goes!

The picture you see above is my third Christmas tabletop tree.

The variations that you could do with this are many.

I used a small styrofoam cone base, (very inexpensive), covered the base by gluing on natural spanish moss (you could use any storebought moss). If you use fresh, like I did, I will tell you a secret. This moss carries teeny-tiny redbugs, which, for those of you not from the South don’t know, can cause red spots and severe itching if you get them on you! (store bought, which is very inexpensive, has already been debugged)!

All you have to do to get rid of them is to pick it from the trees with a long stick, have a large paper sack ready to put it it, and then crank up the car or truck, put it where the exhaust will blow directly into the sack, and hold it there for a minute or so. The combination of heat and the carbon monoxide from the exaust pipe kills them. This has never failed to work, and I have done it many,many times. Then, let the moss cure for a few weeks, and it is ready to use.

This moss tends to get more brownish than grey as it ages, and this tree will eventually turn a nice medium soft brown color.

I used natural tiny pinecones, and glittered seashells. The shell I used are called “lions paw”, and are abundant on the beach close to where I grew up. I then glittered a natural sweet gum ball for the top, and made pretty gold bows scattered on the tree and on top as well. That’s all there is too it!

Use your own imagination and make a tree for any holiday you wish. You could use tiny valentine type ornaments, or any holiday type tree that you wish to make!

Have fun!

I will have a new project for you soon!

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