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Tag Art

back of tagfront of tagHow many of you have those odds and ends laying around your craft room doing nothing?

I’ve just started what I hope to be a creative and heathly addiction to tag art! The possibilites are endless as to what can be created with a few supplies that most of us have on hand already. I realized very soon that these handmade creations can serve as a gift in themselves. An inexpesive gift that could be made for friends, co-workers, or anyone that you want to let know that you are thinking of them.

I started with making some simple tag templates with card stock, and punched a hole on the top  middle of the tag. Then, I cut 2 pieces of the selected theme from some vintage paper I had been saving with bluebirds, flowers, and a Happy Birthday quote using the template, coated the backs with glue using a soft wedged sponge, and gently but firmly pressed the image on to the cardstock tag, removing any air pockets on both sides. Any overage can be cut off after the glue dries. I them cut a few pieces of paper doily and glued them on in random areas. I also glued some flat lace onto the edge of one side. After it dried, I then covered both sides with clear contact paper to preserve and protect the image. I sorted through some plastic, silk or paper flowers, small beads and sequins for embelisment and glued to random places on the patterned tag. Then, taking several colors of ribbon pieces that matched the colors on the tag, I made a hanger with one short piece, and tied the others into the hole to drape down on both sides of the tag.

I was so proud of how it turned out, I already have another one started.

You  can also use those rolls of room borders, which are very cheap to buy, if you find a nice pattern that you like to use.

The possibilites are endless! You can use little  charms to embellish, or beads, or anything you can imagine, and all those scraps of ribbon, and things you have lying around your craft room.

It is a satifying and creative craft, and you are only limited by your imagination to create one of these tags. You can use any shape you want, so just experiment with it and see what your creative talents can come up with!

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Hello world!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog! I have been a crafter and painter for many years, and just wanted to share my ideas with anyone interested. In our throw-away society, I love to take items and give them a whole new use , look, or function. Please bear with me, as I am new to blogging, so make sure to check the right side for anything I have posted that you may be interested in.

I also have a small retail shop that offers gifts, vintage items, cottage, primitive, and country wares. I add new items weekly, and am always searching for treasures, and work on handmade items for the shop daily,If you would like to visit my shop, the web address is www.picturetrail.com/creekwater

Keep creating, and have a great day!  

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